Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlyn!

Happy 1st Birthday little Kaitlyn!!
Here are Kaitlyn's 1 year stats: 22 lbs (10kg) and 2' 7" (78cm)
Here birth stats were: 8 lbs 8 oz (3.86kg) and 1' 9" (54cm)

Here she is on her birthday! What a joy and priviledge to be her Mommy! 

Tasting her first cupcake...she wasn't sure about the icing, it was a little sticky.

She figured out pretty quickly that opening presents is fun!

Packages that come in the mail are also very exciting! 

Shortly before her birthday Kaitlyn started walking.

She still loves being out in her stroller, even now that it's cold.

Our little morning person!! 

Playing pick-a-boo.

Kaitlyn's first Halloween.

Those big eyes.

Very focused while typing up an email... ;)

Nothing more interesting than the inside of a dishwasher.

Tomatoes are fun...

...and so are huge towers - built by Daddy.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kaitlyn is eleven months old

What a sweet, little girl with big blue eyes. 

First time clapping

Climbing stairs for the first time. I really don't know how she figured it out so quickly.

Mimi seems to be the only one to get her to laugh this hard! I have watched this video over and over again and it still makes me laugh.

First trip to IKEA.

Kaitlyn loves playing the piano, especially with her Daddy!

Helping play the piano


Lots of special moments with Daddy during his vacation! It was great to have him home for the past two weeks.

Still such a snuggly girl!

This was our first trip to the Stuttgart zoo. The animals were very active, making it easy to spot them!

We got to see the seal feeding show!

Trying some finger food: broccoli, parsnip and potato

Exploring kitchens...here: Mimi's...

...and here: Helen's :-)

She always needs soft stuffed animals close to really sleep well.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Kaitlyn is 10 months old!

Kaitlyn is 10 months old now! What an exciting month! She tried lots of new foods, started crawling and loves to stand and move from one furniture piece to another. It has been a fun month just watching her grow and learn. What a continued blessing she is to our lives! We are ever so grateful to the Lord for giving her to us! 

Baking up a storm in Mimi's kitchen. I think cupcakes were on the menu ;-).

This month was full of new culinary experiences, here, homemade bread with cream cheese. So far she has eaten everything I have made her which included: broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, kohlrabi, eggplant, grean beans, peas, and pumpkin, She is also more and more interested in what we are eating.

Even toes can taste good at times.

We got caught in some rain during our morning walk. Kaitlyn had a blast with her rain cover. I think she wishes it rained more often.

Discovering "new" old toys at Mimi and Pappy's. 

The first few months of her life she did NOT like her car seat, now she is always happy to go for a drive.

This little girl is on the move.

One of her first attempts at crawling.

A fews days later...

One of her favorite games.

Safety first :-). Learning how to get down from the couch.

It is always fun emptying things out: boxes, drawers...

Nothing quite like watching the laundry go round and round....

Monday, August 10, 2015

The 9 month post

We were quite busy this month! Every weekend was packed full with weddings, birthday's, church events or visiting family! Kaitlyn cut her first two teeth and is able to go from lying to sitting and from sitting to standing (if there is something to hold on to).

Big blue eyes

Discovering the volume knob on the CD-Player.

Kaitlyn still loves riding in her stroller.

She just figured out that she can sit in her stroller!! A whole new experience!

Those two teeth require special daily care!

First piece of fun mail - Highlights Hello Magazine. Her actual first piece of mail was her tax ID, definitely not fun mail!

Dietmar's cousing Max's wedding in Bavaria.

This month was a "Mommy" month, she made sure I didn't go too far ;-).

Her hands were full, so naturally she dove for the other pieces of bread - with success!

Still getting stuck places.

Fun with a diaper box.

When you play hard things can get a little messy.

With all the travel we needed a travel bed for Kaitlyn. Seems to do the job.

Discovering how fun grass can be.

She is still a great sleeper and thumb-sucker!

Taking a bath during these hot summer days.

Way too much fun learning the basics of gravity.

Being silly with Mimi!

A new version of "Now put your finger through Mommy's ring" from the book "pat the bunny".

This is how it started.

I was taking a picture of her on her knees to send to Dietmar, when all of a sudden she stood up. It was high time to lower her bed again.

 She's never looked back since and has to stand everywhere!